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SLA :: Service Level Agreement 1

VSG Hosting strives to provide the best quality of service to our customers. We guarantee that our internal network connectivity1, server programs2, and hardware3 will be up and working at least 99.999% or better in any given month. This means you should not experience a downtime of more than 43 minutes in any given month counted from the first day of every month. This uptime guarantee excludes any scheduled maintenance work4 that may, unfortunately, force the downtime for a period of time until the maintenance work is done. We are proud to offer you a service credit of 5% of your hosting fee for that month for any 0.2% (or 1 hour 26 minutes in any given month starting from the first month) of downtime beyond our uptime guarantee of 99.999%. Furthermore,

  1. This SLA is version 1.0, dated on 05/31/01
  2. We are only responsible to keep and maintain our internal network connectivity. By internal network we mean the data center and all of its connectivity from its uplink providers going into the data center. We shall not be held responsible for any connectivity problems caused in other networks outside of our internal network not within our control. We define continuous packet losses originating inside our internal network of more than 50% for over 3 hours as a loss of connectivity equal to 0.1% of downtime. We also define sporadic packet losses originating inside our internal network of more than 50% sporadically for duration of 12 hour as a loss of connectivity equal to 0.1% of downtime. It is your duty to provide us with a proof of any loss of connectivity inside of our network.
  3. Assuming that you have configured everything correctly, at the very least, we guarantee the working of our DNS Servers, Web Servers, SQL Servers, and Mail Servers.
  4. By hardware we mean all hardware related to the optimal performance of our network connectivity (routers, switches, firewalls, etc) and of our server (physical hardware such as hard drives, CPU, etc).
  5. At our sole discretion, scheduled maintenance should be announced at least 24 hours before the maintenance work will be executed. Under extreme emergency (such as DOS attack, security breach, and et cetera), we may perform a scheduled maintenance without prior announcement. In this case, the downtime period should be counted only until we perform such emergency maintenance.
  6. This support guarantee excludes software upgrades requests (apache,.html, mysql, etc), installation of software not supported by us, and programming supports.
  7. In order for you and us to keep track of this you will need to send your support request through our support ticket only.
  8. Service credit refund is up to 100% of your monthly hosting fee. It is your responsibility to ask for a service refund.

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