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Our Network and Infrastructure

VSG Hosting = reliability & security! We are located directly on 2 Redundant OC48's, one to UUnet and one to Qwest, providing you with the fastest, most reliable service in the market place today. But we do not stop there, we have implimented a proactive firewall security, and monitoring system which is constantly evolving to meet each days new security demands.

Global Load Balancing

optimizes traffic between customer servers in multiple locations, enhancing the reliability and performance for enterprises hosting e-commerce or mission critical applications. This service is ideal for large businesses with mission critical data who want to keep servers in multiple locations and want the assurance of data availability and integrity. Global Load Balancing is a valuable supplement to VSG's current hosting services, which include Managed Dedicated Web Hosting, as well as Basic and Premium Co-location.


We use existing Internet network infrastructure to route your data and avoid the Internet’s points of congestion. We’ve built an Overlay Network that is armed with intelligent routing technology to get your data from point A to point B in the fastest, most reliable and least-congested path possible.

Unlike some Internet access providers who randomly choose public NAPs or private peering points, our routing technology sends customer data out along the correct Internet backbone immediately, through our Private Network Access Point (P-NAP) facilities. For our customers, the optimizing effects of our network architecture and advanced routing technologies dramatically boost performance.

We are an ideal solution for mission-critical, latency sensitive applications over the Internet, including voice over IP, e-commerce, VPN, extranet, interactive, and multi-media applications.

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