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Colocation Service

Basic Co-location service

The lowest cost co-location plan is for customers with budget and resources to manage their own servers within the robust, secure e-Business Centerand network environment. With this level of service, customers will manage servers, hardware and software, while we monitor servers and the network environment within the e-Business Center.

Premium Co-location Service

When you need a reliable, robust, and secure infrastructure to support your business applications, host your equipment within an e-Business Center. VSG Hosting allows you to maximize your existing technology investments without incurring additional expenses for new facilities and staff.

Advantages include:

  • Scalability to support your business growth
  • Speed to market, with the ability to meet your market window
  • Monitoring, maintenance, and capacity management, including notification of hardware failures
  • Charges based on a per rack/cage/server basis

These are the racks that contain the servers and other equipment. With Co-Location Web Hosting ServiceWeb Hosting, a customer would lease as much space as they need in this area for their servers. Each rack is secured and the room is only accessible via access card and biometric scanner.

High Performance Options for Premium Co-location Web Hosting customers.

VSG Hosting also offers the following:

VSG Hosting Server Clustering - a high availability service option for VSG Hosting Managed Dedicated and Premium Co-location hosting customers. The service allows multiple servers to redundantly connect to multiple storage devices, ensuring customers' data is highly available and reducing system and applications downtime.

VSG Hosting Global Load Balancing - optimizes traffic between customer servers in multiple locations, enhancing the reliability and performance for enterprises hosting e-commerce or mission critical applications. This service is ideal for large businesses with mission critical data who want to keep servers in multiple locations and want the assurance of data availability and integrity. Global Load Balancing is a valuable supplement to VSG Hosting's current hosting services, which include Managed Dedicated Web Hosting, as well as Basic and Premium Co-location.

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